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"Holy Remedy (The Invisible Conflict Chronicles Book 1)"

by J. G. Martins


Baron Levente, regent of the city of Eger northeast of Hungary, has fallen under a terrible disease. Bishop Konrád, his chief advisor, insists that it’s not a natural illness, but a curse.

It's the mid-13th century, and the Magyars are rebuilding their Kingdom of Hungary, devastated by the Mongols’ invasions. But not everyone has altruistic intentions. Someone has fixed his gaze on the Carpathian Mountains, and found the perfect way to increase his power without arousing suspicion.

Meanwhile, Rodger Clement - distinguished knight of the city and the Baron’s former pupil - is summoned to the royal court to address the situation. His resolve, blood and sword are at the service of his lord, and he’ll do anything in his power to save him, even if it means giving his own life. A cure has been found in the depths of the Bükk Mountains, and Clement is the only one who can stand up to the task.

With the sands of time against him, can he save his lord... or will he unleash an ancient power that will destroy them all?


Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Independently published


Language: English

About J. G. Martins

J. G. Martins received an engineering degree in telecommunications. He was a professor of physics and other scientific subjects at a university, prior to devoting himself to his true passion - creating and telling stories. Passionate about music, food and literature, when he’s not writing, he spends his time reading about history, the mysteries of the universe and searching for his favorite sushi. In the meantime, he’ll continue with the creative work. New stories about the Invisible Conflict Chronicles will be revealed soon.


Books by J. G. Martins

Holy Remedy (The Invisible Conflict Chronicles Book 1)

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