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"Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian"

by A. S. Aramiru


"It is definitely a page turner full of action and adventure." Readers' Favorite


With the Light, came Magic, and the Witch. As mysterious as she was fearsome, and as powerful as she was merciless, the Witch almost succeeded in ending the world until she was vanquished by a hero and his comrades.

This is the legend of the Witch and the Guardian.

Centuries after the nigh calamity, this legend is as much as almost anyone knows of what truly happened back then and as much of an explanation anyone has of what ended an era in human civilization.

Though the people may never learn the whole story, you as the reader will follow the days that led up to how a young girl named Lily became immortalized as the Witch though her name, dreams and life became forgotten.


Genre: Teen and Young Adult

Independently published


Language: English

About A. S. Aramiru


Books by A. S. Aramiru

Chronicles of the Otherworld: Season 1
Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian

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