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"Eden (Adventures in the NExT Domain Book 1)"

by Jeffrey J. Bryan


Deep within the high desert mountains, trapped for centuries underneath its rocky surface lies a dark secret.

On the cusp of the 22nd century, a group of explorers stumble upon a long forgotten entrance to a hidden domain.  Uncertain of what they have found, they enter in search of adventure.  What is it?  Who built it?  Why is it here?  Is it dangerous?

What they find inside will be stranger than anything they could have imagined.  What they find will change their destiny, and maybe the future of the world.

And so the first Adventure in the NExT Domain begins.  Its objective: to expose the mystery that is Eden.


Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Independently published

Language: English

About Jeffrey J. Bryan

Jeffrey J. Bryan dreamed about fantastic worlds ever since he was a little boy and, for as long as he could remember, dreamed about sharing his stories with others. But family and career happened first, so he built a wonderful life around his other passion: computer programming. He met a confounding woman who challenged him to be his best (and who hoarded too much fabric) and as husband and wife they had two incredible boys who challenged them both (but gave them all the reason to mete it). Over the years they adopted some silly dogs, troublesome cats, a schools worth of assorted fish, and (for a time) a bird. And together they were happy. Time passed and his boys grew tall—taller even than him—yet the stories still called out to him. “Write me,” they said. So one day early in the month of November he sat down, pulled out his tablet and keyboard, and began writing. And the rest? Well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself.


Books by Jeffrey J. Bryan

Eden (Adventures in the NExT Domain Book 1)

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