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"HOSTSEEKER - Post-Apocalyptic Survival"

by Mal Yard


Action-packed and emotional Post-Apocalyptic Survival Fiction story set in not so distant future of Australia.

Once our World gets invaded by the alien force quickly labeled as DEMONS, humanity is pushed to use extreme counter-measures that seem to work for a while. Demonic spread and possession is stopped with the help of augmented soldiers, and the main protagonist is one of them.

What starts as a simple mission for Demon Purge Force agent, turns into a wild chase through the cold wasteland of the old Blue Mountains region, where he is no longer the hunter...

What new threats lurk in the shadows of the frozen forests, and are we ready to face the new demonic onslaught that may be upon us?

Only time will tell.


Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Independently published

Language: English

About Mal Yard

Sci-Fi Novelist from Sydney, Author of HOSTSEEKER novella available now from Amazon


Books by Mal Yard

HOSTSEEKER - Post-Apocalyptic Survival

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