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Privacy Policy


  1. "Review Train" (also referred to as “offering”) is the name of the main Service offered by "Malcolm Yard" on this website, FREE of charge.
  2. The terms "Malcolm Yard", "we", "us", "our" or any grammatical variation of the preceding terms shall refer to "Malcolm Yard" identity, whereas the terms “you”, “your” or any grammatical variation shall refer to our clients or the user of any of our interfaces including but not restricted to our websites, mobile applications, or e-mails.
  3. "Malcolm Yard"’s Privacy Policy shall apply to the information obtained via our website(s), through emails, through information obtained through third parties and shall govern our behavior related to all services offered by us. But this document shall not curtail "Malcolm Yard"’s right to publish privacy policies specifically corresponding to one or more services.
  4. Queries regarding our Privacy Policy can be sent through any mode of communication specified by us in any of our interfaces.
  5. Information Collection and Usage

    1. Information provided by you. You shall be required to give certain information while accessing our website, communicating with us through other means, making use of our services. Owing to the nature of our service it shall be mandatory on your part to provide some specific details. The information includes but is not limited to your "Author Name" (pseudonym's are allowed), your email address(es), locations where your electronic books are published, Publisher names, ISBNs and any other information required to provide you with our assistance efficiently.
    2. Automatic Information Collection. "Malcolm Yard" or third party service providers might collect some information every time you make use of any of our websites. This information might be collected without your prior permission. We might collect certain information, commonly known as Traffic Data and Information of the visitors of our web pages which include inter alia the IP address, Operating System and browser type of your device being used for communication. We might also save data including your Author Name, encrypted password, Email address(es) used by you to communicate with us. On certain occasions we might use JavaScript or similar software to collect information about your usage of our websites such as the duration of the session, response times etc. when you access our web pages. We might choose to take appropriate measures to receive information regarding the delivery of our e-mails or information regarding when you accessed our email(s).
    3. Information collected in the abovementioned procedures shall strictly be used for providing our better services to you. We will try to abstain from collecting superfluous information.

    Sharing Customer Information

    1. Your Email address(es) are always hidden from general public and other registered Users browsing our website(s). WE WILL NEVER SHARE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS(ES) WITH THE THIRD PARTIES, unless required to do so by law.
    2. "Malcolm Yard" could release customer information if required to do so by law. Besides, "Malcolm Yard" holds the rights to share customer information with law enforcement agencies for maintenance of law and order, protection from fraud etc.

    Security of Information

    "Malcolm Yard" makes use of recommended practices such as password encryption for database storage to ensure that user information is not misused or accessed without authority. Steps shall be undertaken by "Malcolm Yard" to ensure that user information is not altered or destroyed to the detriment of its users. "Malcolm Yard" shall not be held liable for loss of data or any unauthorized access to the user information stored by us.

    Other websites and Servers

    Third party web sites may use certain technology to send the content of our web site. Third parties may host the servers that deliver our hosted services to our users. For example, they may automatically receive your IP address when you visit our website or communicate with us through other means. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that third parties may have, and the information practices of these third party web sites or servers are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

    Changes to the Privacy Policy

    We might make suitable amendments to its Privacy Policy. We shall endeavor to make our users aware of these amendments. It is expected that users of our web pages or our clients read our Privacy Policy regularly to make themselves aware of any amendments made to our Privacy Policy. "Malcolm Yard" shall not be liable for any delay in the in publication of the amended Privacy Policy.


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