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White Hearts: Series 1: Your New Soul Storyteller?Mitchell LaFrance wants to share his deep experience watchin...Literature, FictionMitchell LaFranceOct 2 2016337
VisceralWhen the vampire council sends its enforcer Matthias to inve...Sci-Fi and FantasyAdam ThielenOct 2 2016371
The Abyss LaughsThe Abyss Laughs is currently being expanded to a million wo...HorrorA.R. LaBaereOct 1 2016357
The WintermakerNorth America is a realm of kingdoms locked in battle over l...Literature, FictionF P ZuccoOct 1 2016339
the Club: She Wears His CollarThis is Lacey Cheins’ second installment of her series...EroticaPlay Farah PublishingSep 30 2016318
33 Womanly PoetryEnchantingly sweet, funny, and always on point, Womanly Poet...Literature, FictionJeremiah GoldmannSep 30 2016355
The Scissors and the SwordTWO ERAS, TWO WEAPONS, ONE MYSTERY   When blood-soake...Mystery, ThrillersEthan FoxSep 29 2016336
The JokerThis is a short story, perfect with your morning coffee, aft...RomanceGeorgia RoseSep 29 2016359
Thicker than WaterThere are tough times ahead for Emma Grayson in the final pa...RomanceGeorgia RoseSep 29 2016370
A Single StepMeet Emma Grayson, heroine of The Grayson Trilogy, a series ...RomanceGeorgia RoseSep 29 2016375
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