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Table of Contents

  1. What is Review Train?
  2. Is this activity allowed?
  3. How does Review Train work?
  4. How is Review Train different?
  5. Are reviews hosted here?
  6. Can I be anonymous?
  7. Do I have to be an Independent Author?
  8. HOW DO I report a defect?
  9. HOW DO I change my details?
  10. HOW DO I opt-out of Top Reviewers?
  11. HOW DO I reset forgotten password?


What is Review Train, exactly?

Review Train is a 100% Free to use self-promotion platform for Independent and Self-Published Authors, Small Independent Publishing Brands and Houses, who would like to tell the World about their eBook(s), and ask the Community to stop by and review their work.

Review Train is not any kind of review sales or incentivised review swapping site, and such activity is strictly against our ToS.

Is this activity allowed?

Why wouldn't it be?

We are not selling, buying or incentivising swapping of eBook reviews here. Review Train only offers you a new integrated platform to promote your work. Asking the world of strangers to review what you've created is not prohibited by any authority known to creators of this service.

How does Review Train work?

You register on this site, and can freely list any number of your self-published books, effectively asking our Community members to follow the links, read your book, and review it. You can also browse posts by other Authors, and volunteer to review their work.

Nothing prevents you from just following the posted links without explicitly "volunteering" to review anything, but we are trying to build a good-will Community culture around here, and following the intended workflow helps the Authors with engagement analytics, e.g. seeing the numbers of interested readers and reviewers, etc.

Review Train is built around the needs of Independent Authors Community, and is completely free to use. There is no expectation that you would reciprocate and review the other Author's books, in return to them reviewing yours. You are most welcome to, of couse, but we want to stress the fact that it's not an incentivised review swap arrangement.

How is Review Train different?

Or in other words - why should you use it?

Well, for starters, who in their sane mind would say no to an extra way to promote their work? :) We - Independent Authors - could always use a hand to spread the word about our self-published books...

Review Train is 100% Free, so it won't cost you a cent to use, as I know as well as anyone that you don't have extra cash lying around to put towards marketing right now.

Review Train is the first properly integrated and fully featured, custom-built solution that creates a virtually Anonymous Community united by the same goal of gaining momentum, and telling the World about their work.

Plus, hey, you might get lucky and a few people actually follow your published links, read, and review your books!

Are reviews hosted here?

No. Authors specify where they have their eBooks listed for sale (or Free), and where the volunteers can go and review their work. Reviews will get posted on the respective book store site, e.g. Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, iBooks, etc.

Can I use the service anonymously?

You list your books on this site under your provided "Author Name", which can be fictitious (pseudonym) or real - that is up to you.

We have your "real" Email address on file, used as your login and username, which is not shared with anybody.

Additionally, you could opt-out of appearing in Top Reviewers box as a form of added Privacy. In case you wouldn't want anyone to know if you are actually reviewing anything on this site, or just listing your work.

Do I have to be an Independent Author?

aka. Do I need to have my own eBooks to list here, in order to use the system?

Short answer is NO, you don't have to. You can just be an avid reader looking for something to read and review.

Review Train was mainly built for Independent Authors though, so we hope you'll decide to list and promote your books with the help of this website, rather than just register and browse work of others. Which is also allowed.

Found an issue, defect, or want to request a feature?

Review Train is currently in Open Beta Testing phase, which means that not every feature is active yet, and not everything is as polished as we hope it will end up in the end.

You are most welcome (and encouraged!) to submit any feedback, noticed defects or bugs, and report any types of other issues that you encounter.

How do I change my registration details?

Log in to the system, click on your linked Author Name in the top-right corner of the screen - that will take you to your Profile. Update the required fields there, and save the form.

Currently we do not allow you to change your email address post-registration, for privacy and consistency reasons. Please contact us directly, if you need to update your Email.

Opt-out of Top Reviewers listing?

Anonymity is a relative term around here. You can register using fictitious Author Name, edit it any time, and your actual email address will never be shared with anyone.

Once you've volunteered to review any books and marked your reviews as "complete" in your Dashboard, you might end up showing in the publicly visible Top Reviewers box. Some might find it flattering and boosting their presence in our Community, while others don't want to attract extra attention to themselves. Both of these choices are fine, as far as we are concerned!

To be excluded from Top Reviewers list you'll need to Edit your Profile, and tick the checkbox to opt-out. Easy.

Reset forgotten password?

You will need access to the Email you've registered with to reset your password. Click reset password link and follow the prompts.

If you don't have access to the Email you've registered with, contact us directly, and we will have to request proof of your Author identity to assist you further with recovering your account.


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